LunaPic Basics

LunaPic is an online photo editor that is user friendly.

In this tutorial I will show you how to use LunaPic.

1. Head over to LunaPic at or by clicking here.

2. Upload or paste the URL of your photo. If you decided to upload, click Upload button and a file browser will appear, pick that photo you want to edit.

After picking a photo, it will redirect to an image editor page. 

3. As you can see on the grabbed image, LunaPic offers a wide option in terms of photo editing. On the left side, you can see all the options you can use to edit your image, just hover to any of those menu and it will show you the title or functionality of that menu.

4. We will try to crop our uploaded image. On the left side menu, the first option – box dotted, is the crop image. Click the Crop Image.

5.The crop image page will display lots of possible options you can use. If you don’t want any of those, you can directly edit your image. When you hover on the image you will see a cross sign then just drag it to whatever size you want. Then simply click Crop in the buttons above.

Most options are explained in the page, so if you don’t want to hassle yourself you can use them. This will make your life a little easier.

6. Next stop, we will resize the image. Click on Edit menu, then Resize Image.

You can either input the width and height or you can simply drag corners of your image. Click Resize Image.

7. Now, we will try to resize the canvas to give more space around our image. Click on Edit menu, then Resize Canvas.

Input the desired width and height of your canvas, pick the canvas color or by default is set to transparent, and then adjust the position of the image. In my example I picked center so the image will be at the center of the newly added canvas size. Click on Change Canvas Size.

8. If you want to select a color in your image, click the Eye Drop Color Picker.

Click in any of the image you want to get the color, it will automatically load the color saying Setting Active Color To #…

9. If you are artsy enough, you can use the Drawing Tool. Navigate to the sidebar and click Drawing Tool. You can pick different color and even use color selector by clicking Pick button. 

Pick what tool you’re gonna use, just above color picker and make sure to adjust pen size if necessary. After doing all the changes click Apply.

10. Another useful tool is the MagicWand tool. This tool get rid of unwanted portion of your image. It will automatically highlight or pick area.

Go to Edit menu, Magic Wand. Options are available above the image, you can either crop, cutout and so on the selected area.

What I did on the image was click Effects button and replace the selected area’s color to Negative.Then click Apply Effect.

11. After doing the Magic Wand effect and you can still notice unnecessary portion that you want to get rid off, then you can use the Eraser tool for extra clean up. 

Go to sidebar set tools, and pick Eraser tool.

A lot of options are available that you can use including brush sizes, eraser tool background color, etc. When you’re done click on Apply Changes.

And last but not the least on our set to basic edit tutorials is the Show Clipboard. This tool can add and blend another image to your current image.

12. Go to Edit menu, Show Clipboard. Upload another image you want to overlay. Now you will get two sets of images, put the image you want to overlay to another image. Simply drag and adjust corners to its possible size. Then click Apply Blended Image, and you will be surprise on the outcome.

I hope this basic editing skills will help you in your basic product editing for you website. Stand by for more tutorials.