To Find Amazing Domain Names

Make a list of words from the main concepts behind your website:

Name or Business Name

You could start with your name (if appropriate) or your business name.

Your Industry Or Niche

What words describe your industry and/or niche?

Products You Sell

What products or services do you sell?

Your Business Location

If you are also an offline business, maybe include your location, your city, your state, your country?

Warning: this may limit you if you later decide to expand.

Positive Adjectives

What Words Do You Want Associated with Your Site?

Ex: Quality

ThinkING Of A Word?

If you are having a hard time thinking of a word, you can try the Tip of My Tongue app at

Take your list of words and find synonyms. Add these synonyms to your list of words.

To find synonyms, you can use a website like or

Work from your list of words to create domain name ideas. You can also enter your words below to get domain name ideas.

Or Register

This search tool says a domain name is potentially available when it can not find a website on that domain. Check your domain name registrar for actual availability of any potentially available domain names.

Creative Words

You can use a tool like to mesh words together to find a creative domain name. Make sure to review the suggestions below especially around choosing a domain name that people can pronounce, spell, and aren’t likely to misspell (or register the common misspellings too).

Expired Domains

Domains are purchased for a set length of time. Often this is 1 year at a time, however Network Solutions allows you to register a domain name for up to 100 years. If a domain name owner does not renew their registration, that domain name can be registered by someone else.

You can search for expired domains on websites like or

Domain Names For Sale

You can also search for domain names for sale.

If you visit Godaddy Auctions at and click on the dropdown box under Popular Searches, you can click on the closeouts or bargain bin categories to see inexpensive domain names.

You can also find domain names for sale at:
HugeDomains also offers payment plans for domain names.


Register at least the .com

Make sure the .com extension is available in whatever combination of words you try to register.

Spelling and Pronunciation

Make sure most people can correctly spell and pronounce the domain name.

For Example, foreign characters make a domain name difficult to spell and explain to a client

Keep it Short

Try to keep your combination of words as short as possible, while still fitting the project. Try not to choose three words when two will do.

Thoughts and Feelings Associated With Words

For example, cheap might not be appropriate because people might think that cheap things are very low quality and fall apart.

Words such as inexpensive, bargain, deal, discount, and low price might be more appropriate.

other words in your combination of words?

For example, you probably want to avoid combinations of words that have cuss words in between two or more words, when the words are strung together as they are in domain names.


Any available domain could have been previously owned. Check the reputation of the domain name you’re thinking of registering using:

You can use to see past websites that could have existed on a domain


For example, you do not want to register your main domain name with misspelled words, when your business name includes the words spelled correctly.

However, you can also register misspelled combinations of your words so that no one else can register them and possibly detract from or compete with your business

Singular and Plural

Check to see if both the singular and plural versions of all of the words in the combinations of words are available.


Check to see if the combination of words with – dashes between every word is available.

You can register your combination of words with dashes between every word so that no one else can register it and possibly detract from or compete with your business.


Check to see how many extensions other than .com are available in your combination of words and, if they are not available, who has the other extensions using something like

You can register different extensions of your combination of words so that no one else can register them.


If you want to make sure you can get your domain name as a username on major social networking websites, you could visit


Visit and see if your combination of words with and/or without spaces have any live trademarks.

If your combination of words are trademarked in a category similar to what you want to do, I would suggest finding a different combination of words.