As the tagline goes Automate & Combine Facebook Messenger and SMS to Grow Your Business, ManyChat will surely help you boost your business with just a few clicks away. ManyChat can convert customers with simple, personalized experiences, 80% open rates and 25% CTR, Messenger beats every other channel, and build relationships with customers through interactive and tailored content.

So let’s try to connect our Facebook page with ManyChat!

1. Go to ManyChat website, click Sign In > Sign In With Facebook > Agree to Terms given

2. Sign In with your FB account and connect it with your ManyChat, click OK to continue

3. After connecting, you will need to describe the company you are in – pick on the choices, scroll down to see more of the question.

4. After choosing the Describe Company tab questions, you will be redirected to connecting your FB pages to your chat. So I want to create a bot for Adapt Sites LLC, clicked Join and it will automatically join to that page.

5. After all the necessary filling up and information gathering, you will be now redirected to dashboard page. As you can see that my ManyChat is connected to my Adapt Site LLC page. You will have a series of pages there once you connected multiple pages.

You can see the email status, SMS, link to bot, bot overview and etc. So basically the dashboard will be the series of data your ManyChat gathered for you. With the use of these data you can grow subscriber, engage subscriber, and convert subscriber.

6. Greeting messages are important to attract client into messaging you. Greeting Text on ManyChat is visible when a client clicks on the chat option to send you a message, see the 1st image.

7. To create a simple greeting message, go to Settings > General > Greeting Text > key in your desired greeting text.

For greeting text, you can add in firstname, lastname, or fullname of your client to make it more personalized. Click on {} to pick on which you want to show. Then you can add up emojis using the emoji icon just beside {} and make sure to save your changes.

8. Next important thing when creating ManyChat is the Messenger Bot Menu.

To create Bot Menu, go to Automation > Main Menu > Menu Item > give a name to your menu. In the example I made, I already have an Unsubscribe , then I added a new menu named Tutorials > then you can pick what happens when you press this menu. You can pick from Open a submenu, etc as you can see the screenshot beside. So I want this menu to open website, I added in the URL to open and click Done.

9. The last important part is the Welcome Message. Go to Automation > Welcome Message, you will see a page where you can connect and create a flow. 

As you can see the first message welcome information where I describe the function of my company or FB page. Then I asked a question with 3 options, each option directs to different flow or another set of questions. 

The editing part is simply dragging and dropping and the connecting part is done by clicking on the circle beside each answer then dragging it to a possible answer or flow.

So easy and simple right? Just explore the ManyChat and you can see more options on how to improve your current chat flows.