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InVideo helps you transform content into great videos. InVideo is ideal for advertisers, marketers, publishers, agencies, and even individuals in taking their brand content strategy to the next level

Videos help engage your audience online, on social media, and on your website.

Do you have ideas for video content? If you do, great! Otherwise, InVideo has templates and has a monthly content calendar at:{month}-calendar

For example for June video ideas the url is:

InVideo also makes it easier and faster to make each video by letting you create videos from templates and from articles.

Creating An Account

1. InVideo has a Intro and Outro creator.

If we pick a template – such as Business Logo Reveal > choose Vertical > it will redirect to the video editor page.

You can now either upload your logo or find available logos in media area found on the left side option bar, simply drag and drop it to the default logo area. In the example video given, I added a new scene after our Intro video.

An image was added for the second scene to add accent to the site, add the same logo you use on the first scene. You can modify the size if necessary by dragging the order and or the side. Add Text option – you can pick the most suitable for your video, and modify the text content by clicking the text and editing it. I added the location because I was planning to make this as a real estate intro for my future videos. And lastly I added my social media accounts incase clients will be interested to contact me.

After all the necessary changes, click Preview & Export > Export Video, wait for the video to process and it will be available for download and social media shares.

2. Let us try to create from a template. Let’s use the real estate template because its the most common templated used now a day.

Choose Decor Ad > Vertical > Use this template

We can modify the image and find new image under Images option just beside Videos tab. Find an image that will fit your design, drag and drop and replace the current image you have. Replace the header and tagline to something attractive, and don’t forget to replace the logo – you can either upload or use the logo via searching on the Images tab.

Edit the background color if necessary. Preview & Export > Export Video

After exporting your video, this might take a few minutes. You can see your videos too via Projects area on your top menu. You can download the video, or can share it via Facebook, Twitter, and or YouTube. As you can see on the video beside you, explore, and login to those websites.

3. So we done creating real estate video, we will try to do e-commerce video using InVideo e-commerce template. Search e-commerce template > choose Mega Sale > choose Wide size > it will redirect to video editor page.

Basing on the video and the timeline, you can see multiple video chucks with different design. Each bag we are introducing are with different design in a different scene, if you want to add new bag on sale then just make sure you will append new scene on your timeline.

Click each scene to edit the content and the design, you can add text, effects, and or shapes. Explore on what you think looks good, just play the video to confirm the design and edit it back again if you need more changes.

Click on Preview & Export > Export Video > After exporting you can share or download it.

4. The previous videos talks about different InVideo templates that you can use but if you don’t want any of those, you can create your own by going to Blank Template > choose the size you want > start editing.

You will be redirected to video editor page where you can started editing your video. Click the stickers area to add any stickers that will compliment your video topic, add your logo, add your desired text for promotion, and you can even add CTA to your video. Do anything you want as long as you achieve what you wanted.

To test and see your video, click on Preview & Export > play the video > edit if necessary or click Export.