Can Social Media Replace A Website?

Having your own website is still recommended for the additional credibility, control, and customization a website gives you.

However, if you’re a salesperson for an organization, a real estate agent, an artist, a coach, consultant, or someone who is just starting out, you might be looking for a stragety to get results fast or to test a new market.

Instead of investing time, energy, money into building a website for that untried new business idea of yours, maybe you want to see if anyone’s interested in your new idea.

Here are a few strategies to try to gain an audience and a following:


When you sign up for social media accounts, you will have to name them.

If you later want to develop a website, check and see if the name you want to use on social media is available as a domain name.


Search your ideas for social media account names using the Username Availability Search.

Then create social media accounts on websites like: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, TikTok


Interact with others by posting helpful content, joining groups, and messaging and following others (when appropriate).

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Facebook Page

A Facebook business page is different from your personal profile. To advertise on Facebook, you need to create a Facebook business page.

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How long will it take to get meaningful results?

Don’t want to wait for results? Advertise

Before you advertise ask: what is your goal?

When you run ads on Facebook and Instagram, you are given a choice of marketing objectives. (Instagram ads are purchased through a Facebook ads account)

Do you want more sales?

Do you want to build an email list?

I suggest you use social media to generate leads.


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