Hotspots Analytics

Hotspots Analytics is one of the most used and advanced analytics  plugin for WordPress sites. It includes heatmaps, user activity, and custom event tracking. We can align Hotspots Analytics to Google Analytics, having almost the same functionality and support for responsive web design and touchscreen devices.

1. Go to Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin. Download this file and upload it then click Install Now.

Activate the plugin, you will notice it will generate Hotspots menu on the left hand side.

2. We will try to use our newly activated Hotspots Analytics. Logout as admin, and login as guest or user. Navigate to different pages on your site, experiment in clicking different post or pages or navigation menus available.

After doing some clicking and page navigation, logout as user then proceed to login as admin again.

3. Login back as administrator. Go to Hotspots menu, you can see four options available. Heatmaps will show all the clicks, urls, etc. Users will show all users that login to your site. Reports will show everything, all in one. 

4. Lastly is the Settings. There are six tabs available on the settings area. You can modify them one by one. Please navigate them to know more. There are available descriptions in each of the options available.

For custom events, you can add mouse clicks, touch screen taps or form submits on any HTML element selected using a jQuery selector. Or you can also use JS in saving custom events using the saveEvent function of the global hotspots object.