How to Install WordPress

You can install WordPress manually by downloading WordPress from or you can install WordPress automatically through some website control panels if your website control panel has software like Fantastico or Softaculous.

To install WordPress manually, first download the latest version of WordPress from

The WordPress software you download from is a Zip file.

To Install It:

1. Login to your cPanel, as you can see the image of the dashboard of cPanel – click the File Manager, navigate to public_html.

2. Click “Upload” button and it will redirect to another page where you can upload the WordPress zip file you downloaded previously.

2. After uploading, navigate back to your public_html page. You can see the zip file you uploaded previously. Click to select the Zip file you uploaded and click Extract to Unzip it and it generate a new WordPress folder.

3. If you want to install the WordPress in root folder then you can move the content of wordpress folder in the root directory. Usually this directory is called /public_html/. Simply go inside the wordpress folder press the “Select All” in the menu above then right click. Choose Move, it will ask you to enter the new path where you want to move the files. In my case I like to put it in the root so I enter /public_html/

Once you are done uploading WordPress, go to your CPanel and create a database. If your hosting provider has a different control panel then you just need to look for MySQL databases.

So this is the dashboard of the cPanel, you will see just below the File Manager area, the MySQL Databases. Click on it and you can now create new database.

4. You will see a field to create a new database. Enter a name for your database, and click ‘Create Database’.

After creating the database, you still need to create username for the database created. This username will have access to perform actions on the database.

5. Just below the create database button, scroll down until you find MySQL Users. Simply provide a username and password or click Password Generator button for your new user and click on the ‘Create a user’ button.

The created user doesn’t have access to the database previously created. You will need to add the user to the database and give them permissions to perform all actions.

6. To connect user and database, you need to scroll down and find Add User To Database. You can find dropdown User and Database. Select the user and select the database you want to connect then click “Add” button.

You will be redirected to another page and you will be asked for the privileges you want to allow the user. Select all privileges and click on the Make changes button.

Your MySQL database and user are now ready, make sure to take note of your database name and username and password. Those information are necessary for your WordPress installation later.

7. Now, we will setup your WordPress site. Go to to the URL where you uploaded WordPress. If it is in the main domain, then enter your domain name in the browser window, like or

You will see the language selection page. Please pick your desired language, this is the first part of the installation. Or you can use English as the default language then reset it later after all the necessary installation.

Click on the Continue button to proceed.

8. You will now see some installation instructions. Basically, WordPress will now tell you that it will need your database name, password, and MySQL host information. This is where you will need to input those data you created above.

Fill in the information and then click on the ‘Submit’ button. WordPress will connect to your database and will show you a success message or if you encounter a problem, you need to redo and submit again.

If no problem, this page with information will be shown. Click on ‘Run the Install’ button to continue. 

9. You will be redirected to WordPress login information page. You need to provide information to set up your site. This includes site title, username, password, and admin email address. Make sure to take note the username and password because you will use this to login in your site. Simply click “Install WordPress

You will see a success message showing the username. Click on the Log In button to sign in to your WordPress site.

And your Done!