LifterLMS is a powerful plugin that makes it easy to create, sell, and engage online courses and training based on membership. It works to any WordPress theme and all the popular WordPress page builders like Beaver Builder, Divi, Elementor, etc.

LifterLMS strikes a balance in being an all in one solution and at the same time integrating with other best technologies revelant to creating online courses and membership site owners.

1. Go to Plugins > Add New > search for LifterLMS > Install Now > Activate

2. After activation, you will be redirected to setup page but incase you missed the setup page simply go to LifterLMS on the left side menu > Status > Tools & Utilities > Setup Wizard > Return to Setup Wizard

The setup wizard will generate all the necessary pages and import sample courses that you can use, for beginners these option is great to start with your course plugin.

After the setup, you will see a page editor where your course will be shown and the enrollees including the course price, please explore it to know more, and change it based on what you like.

See images below for the full setup sample.

3. If you don’t want to setup your plugin but you wanted to upload sample course, download the json file here and upload it in LifterLMS > Import > Upload your json file.

This goes with creating your own json file and upload it via import section area if you don’t want to create individual courses using your WordPress site. So create json file then upload it there.

The video beside not only shows how to import but all the different settings of LifterLMS, you can modify or update them but don’t forget to click Save Changes when you’re done.

4. Let’s try to use our course sample imported a while ago. Log out as admin then go to your site homepage.

As you can see new menu was created in the top navigation area, click on Course Catalog to see the course list and Membership Catalog to see the membership plan. Membership catalog contains membership plan which is either paid or free plan. You can configure this on the membership setting page of your plugin or go to course, edit your course then add membership or fee per course.

Before you can proceed with the course, you need to register/enroll first. Fill in the necessary information then register. If its a paid course then you need to pay for it via PayPal or any payment method setup via admin area.

5. Okay, so you have tried doing a course as a different user with free plan. Now we will modify that free plan will be a paid plan for that specific course. Sign out as user, login as admin back again. 

Go to courses > edit the course you want to add/update membership plan > scroll down until you see Access Plans > click Add New if you want to add new or edit existing.

You can modify the plan title, access expiration, price, availability, etc. Feel free to test it and explore. Click save changes if you’re done and Update your page. Update is located just above the screen of your editor.