Add Spam Filters

I looked through hundreds of plugins in the WordPress Plugin Directory and tested a few, and I was still getting spam registrations.

I then thought of the filters I would like WordPress registrations to pass through. I wanted them to be checked against a database of spam registrations, I wanted to be able to block registrations from certain domains and/or domain extensions and I wanted to make sure the emails were deliverable.

I created the Add Spam Filters WordPress plugin to accomplish this.

This plugin adds filters to the WordPress user registration process. It lets you check user signups against and/or

When a user registers, you can configure this plugin to use the submitted email address and IP address to first check against to see if there is a match to the IP address and/or the email address in their FREE database. Then you can check if the ending of the email address is .ru or another country extension you want to block to cut down on spam registrations. Finally, if it passes these checks, you can check the email address against to see if the email is valid.
Validate user registration emails using to see if an email is: deliverable, risky, unknown, or undeliverable.

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