Rank Math Plugin

Rank Math is a Search Engine Optimization plugin for WordPress that makes it easy for anyone to optimize their content with built-in suggestions based on widely-accepted best practices. Easily customize important SEO settings, control which pages are indexable, and how you want your website to appear in search with Structured data.

1. To install Rank Math, simply go to Plugins > search keyword for RankMath > Install Now > Activate

2. Right after activation, you will be redirected to another page where you can connect for FREE account. Click Connect Your Account button or Skip Now to setup the RankMath later. I want to setup my plugin now so I clicked Connect Your Account button.

3. You will be given an option in which you will pick on how to connect with RankMath, you can either go with Facebook, google, or your own email and password. You need to agree with their terms and conditions before you can continue. I personally chose Continue with Google, it will show a popup where you need to login to your gmail account and the rest will follow.

4. After a success login, you will be redirected to RankMath page and will notify you that login details was sent to your email address. See the image on the lower right side, you can share the info using facebook, twitter, or other site using the URL given.

5. Check your email and you can find your RankMath login details just like the screenshot below. Click login to test it out.

6. Go back to your WordPress admin side, go to Rank Math in the left side menu > Dashboard > Setup Wizard. 

7. Setup Wizard will help us setup our RankMath easy and fast. They have option to use Easy or Advance, you can see the description below each title on what they do per setup. I personally used Easy since I am not an expert and I can’t remember all the necessary setup I need to use for my site to function well with SEO. So click Easy > Start Wizard.

8. After Getting Started > Your Site. You will need to pick what business type are you in, etc. You need to upload social media image and your google logo too. Click Save and Continue when you’re done.

9. After Your Site > Search Console. You will need to setup google with your Rank Math SEO. You can see on the first image below, click on Get Authorization Code and the next step is the next image, click Allow button.

10. After clicking Allow button, you will get a code that you will use for your authorization. Copy and Paste it, save it for later. After connecting you can see on the next image that your RankMath is already connected and was authorized, De-authorize Account if necessary.

11. After authorization, select your website from the dropdown list. And if the select list is empty, press the Click Here just below the select list to setup webmaster tools.

12. Just right after clicking the link, you will be redirected to Webmaster Tools where you can setup your information. If you’ re having a hard time knowing what data should you input, click on the available link just below each input box.

13. After all the setting up, you will be redirected to the last page, the Ready area > click on Return to dashboard.

So yeah, that’s it. Everything is setup right using the Easy option given by RankMath. There are a lot of options that you can modify in your RankMath, but make sure that you are familiar on what you’re editing if you’re a beginner but if you’re a pro then I don’t think you will encounter any problem. Here’s the options you can use or modify in your RankMath plugin.

Rank Math Integration with Elementor

Using the Rank Math plugin you can now integrate it with your Elementor. In which you can get SEO suggestions, edit your meta snippet accordingly, and configure the schema markup — all from within Elementor’s editing screen. I will walk you through some basic steps you can do to make your page or post SEO perfect!

1. Let’s try creating a new page. Go to Pages > Add New

2. Add title to your page, name it first based on your keyword. In SEO, keyword is necessary – keyword is something like the topic you’re gonna talk about in your blog or tutorial or whatever you’re gonna write about.

3. After editing the title, click on Edit with Elementor. This is where the fun starts!

4. In the elementor editor you can see a 3rd column right next to GLOBAL named SEO. Click on that tab.

Input in Focus Keyword as we mentioned above, we will use Rank Math as keyword for this tutorial.

Just below Focus Keyword, you can see multiple tabs with number of errors, click the arrow down and it will list the error you need to fix in order to get the 100/100 rate for your SEO. Currently we are under 43/100, so we need to improve that as much as possible.

5. Upon clicking the arrow down, images beside are the errors that we need to fix.

If you’re not sure on how to fix it, click on the ? mark icon next to each error description. This will give hint or description on how to fix it. Just follow the instruction and improve your wordings, add images, links, etc. Checked icon means approve or okay.

6. So I edited those errors, and fixed the issue relating to links, images etc. But we need to improve the title and the meta description. We can’t just simply use the keyword as title because that wont justify our site. 

One thing that most people missed out is the title readability, Rank Math added a special section only for title. See the image below, you need to make a lot of improvement on your title because this is where your reader get attracted to. The powerful the title is, the better for SEO.

In the second image below, you can preview your page or post and improve the title, permalink, and description. Make sure that in your title and permalink, your keyword is present. And in your description, the first word will be your keyword.

You noticed that we got 84/100 with background color of green, green means that is good to go. But of course you can make it 100%, currently the only remaining error of this is my Content Readability > add Table of Contents. You can of course add table of contents but I can’t as of the moment because its under Elementor Pro which is I don’t have. This is all free including the Elementor and plugin I used.